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Friday, December 16, 2005

Musings - Hello from the Inside

What is 'normal'? Someone who attends a church? Has 3 kids and a spouse of the opposite sex? A person who would never say anything 'off-color', politically incorrect, or 'dark'?

If these are normal, I'll pass.

I have a little boy and a husband (I'm a woman), cook and clean for my family, and do freelance marketing and writing. I also happen to write some very dark poetry - the kind that makes religious people grab their crucifix in an attempt to cleanse their immediate area and protect them from Satan. Some people might call my writing an abomination, I call it passion. In the few attempts I made to write something 'positive' it felt forced - it felt like a lie. Pick up the newspaper, listen to the news. Bad things happen everyday. People kill other people. What is their motivation? What makes them tick? Maybe they would not kill another human being if they had only learned to express themselves through poetry. I have joked that if not for poetry, I might be a serial killer. I don't think so, but you never know, do you?

In an attempt to focus my personal writing efforts so that I may actually get around to putting a book together, I have decided to start a personal poetry blog. Some of the poems are good - damn good. Some may not be as good, but they needed to be written. Either way, they are all mine, and I am not sorry for writing any of them. Period.


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