Infinite Darkness of the Soul

The ever expanding works of Elizabeth Anne Easter. Poetry and musings of the stark reality of life.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Poem - Birth

She looks into the mirror and sees the monster's glistening eyes.
Teeth Bared - the lips pulled away to nothingness
The wild hair, darkened eyes and blood red cheeks
A scream rips through the night, and crashes into the void.

Feeling the loathing and hatred build,
    she smashes her fists into the glass
    - a small child's stifled cries are heard.
Stopping, she turns and listens for the heartbeat.
The smell of life rises up - the stench of death clouds her.

Shivering, her wet body begins to convulse.
Eyes rolled back, the sickness wells up in
    her throat and she gags.
As she backs against the wall,
    she sees the bloody trail on the floor.
The heart beats violently - she wretches violently.
The monster's eyes are drawn downwards -
    a soft gurgling is suddenly cut off.

The fetus dangles from between her thighs.
Glinting silver, the knife falls to the floor.
In the darkness, the child smiles.

Originally written November 15, 2005


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