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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Poem - Mother's Love

Hatred born of mother's rejection.
Self-contained and festering in the wound,
    teeming with parasites - bleeding youth.

Will to live sucked into the vacuum, and
    happiness lost within the chaos.
Gaining speed the emptiness overcomes -
    the hurt twists and gnaws through bone.
No care, no love, no compassion...

All sound is gone - only the dying heartbeat remains.
Clouds of disease spread like blood in the street.
The gentle touch becomes a cold clasp of bony fingers,
    puncturing the flesh.
Soothing words become a scream - silent but
    menacing to see.

Lost in time, reason no more, blinded by guilt
    and bleeding to death.
Emptiness fills me like love fills the heart of a dreamer -
    but all my dreams become nightmares
    and riddles with no answers.

Leaning forward, I look into the darkness, trying to
    see the demons that dwell there.
I see her face instead - grimacing and mocking me.
The eyes pierce my soul so violently I sway,
    back away, and fall to my knees.

Faster the ground comes to meet me, and then
    the damp earth shrouds me in old death.
I see her with me - always there.

Originally written in November 2005

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