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Monday, January 23, 2006

Poem - Karlchen

Cherished boy - my beloved son.
Angelic, devilish, loving and hateful
    all at once, without remorse.
A beautiful baby full of life and love.
So appreciative of the things we take for granted.

The sun brings a smile, an airplane,
    the excited wide-eyed stare.
Oblivious to the bad inside others,
    happy to share a toy, a smile, a giggle.
A child - the only reason we exist.
A child - so often taken for granted and abused.

My child, my baby, my slap in the face of
    the world.
He breathes, he dreams, he embraces
    song and dance.

I wish him all of the happiness I have
    been deprived of, and all of the
    happiness his heart can hold.
    joy, and passion - but none of my sadness,
    tears or defeats.

One who has a child they nurture and love,
    never loses their dreams.
Their dreams are passed on, allowed to flourish
    and take new shape.
A child is the one right in a world of wrongs.

Originally written in January 2006. Dedicated to my two-year old son, Karl.

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