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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Poem - Road of Flowers

On a road paved with flowers,
    a majestic beast stands.
Body and form of a horse, golden horn upon
    its head with a mane of the purest white.

It speaks the name "Aurora," in a
    beautiful voice of the sweetest music.

"Aurora, our beautiful princess of
Purity and Light, come back to us...
Come back to your Realm!"

A tear, the color of a clear blue sky in
    spring, runs down the face of the Unicornis.

In a flash of white light, a figure of beauty
    appears on the road.
A young woman dressed in the shades of
    the rainbow with sparkling, auburn hair
    and eyes of grey, stands in front of the majestic beast.

She mounts the Unicornis, and together they
    travel the road of flowers.

Originally written in 1995

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