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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Poem - Speechless

Once a knife cut quick and true.
Words stung like alcohol as the
    gash bled with no remorse.
The heart grew cold and began
    to harden to grey stone.

The night was cold too - as cold
    as his gaze.
As dark as the Abyss, and as stale
    as a tomb.
The wound seemed to grow as the
    anguish built.
Struggling for words and for air.
Never spoken were those words, and
    never to be heard for eternity.

The scar remains a constant reminder.
To be forever barely healed, but fully felt.
If ever the darkness comes again,
    the wound will awaken, and bleed once more.

Will the courage ever come?
Courage is lost and drowning in denial.
Can the voice ever reawaken?
Gasping and choking, words will die.
When will the seering pain subside?
In death all feelings are lost.

Gewissensbisse füttern die Finsternis. (Remorse feeds the darkness.)

Originally written in January 2006.

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