Infinite Darkness of the Soul

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Poem - Child Lost

Child ignored, never good enough
Beaten with words and fists,
    bloodied and still yearning
    for approval.
Quiet and shy, always fearing to breathe.
Insulted, taunted, degraded -
    You are too ugly, too fat stupid and useless.
Mother stands by -
    You are making him angry
    ...Do you want to be punished?

I never wanted it, never asked for it,
    never deserved it - not ever.
Midnight raids of my bedroom, watching
    my pets murdered, praying that you
    would stop - would die.
I was a child, unwanted by father,
    by step-fathers, by everyone.

Now an adult, broken, lost and confused
    by my own feelings.
Still the ugly little girl, unsure
    and insignificant.
A mother begging for the strength
    to be a better parent -
        a better parent than you were to me.

Originally written in February 2006.

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