Infinite Darkness of the Soul

The ever expanding works of Elizabeth Anne Easter. Poetry and musings of the stark reality of life.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Poem - Secrets Among Willows

The old house seems to shrink away
    from the great willows enshrouding it.
Glorious trees, so full and imposing
With branches entwined,
    an army of Mother Nature.
Aged beings, shading the ground
    from the fierce and angry Sun.
In the cool silent evening, the willows
    whisper to one another
Sharing quiet secrets among them.

Originally written in March 2006.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Poem - Gone

The clock hangs against the
    stark white wall
    the works long broken,
    no ticking is heard.
Tiles as cold as steel in Winter,
    line the long corridors -
    they make a satisfying clicking
    as hard-sole shoes beat down.

Cries, screams, sobs and laughter
    echo throughout.
Forgotten souls lost in time
    and space
             without family
                friends or hope.
No one listens, no one understands.

Medicated and fumbling with words,
    movement and wakefulness.
Drowning in loneliness and barely aware
    of the world beyond the filthy,
    barred windows.
        and falling

Originally written in February 2006

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Musings - Make Money Blogging

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Musings - Poetry Podcasts

While browsing through PRWeb's extensive collection of press releases on poets and artists, I came across a release for Cloudy Day Art. The blog is very well organized, pleasant to look at, and it is obvious that the creator, Will Brown (also a poet), really wants to make it work. New and unknown poets can find a home within the Cloudy Day Art podcasts.

I must admit that I am new to the whole podcast craze, but the idea of podcasts for poets is unique and wonderful to me. I sit here and blog away on several blogs, just hoping for a kind word, and here we have a medium in which people can hear your words with real emotion, and respond. I think this may become a writer's best friend in the not-so-distant future. After all, human beings just want to be heard, don't we?

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